It has been a long, challenging & extremely fulfilling + joyous journey from where I began until now.  I LOVE  plants, gardening, wildcrafting, foraging, herbs, growing food, and generally anything to do with the great outdoors (especially in my beautiful home state of Michigan), natural living…. AND being a mama to my healthy baby boy, Dane!

My journey started with my own personal health issues, which ultimately led to going back to school for Holistic Health, Western + Folk Herbalism, Medical Massage Therapy and other natural modalities. My niche, though, is herbal medicine, native wild food and plant energetics, which I continue to learn more about every single day!

I began to gather + grow herbs, make home remedies for friends and family and submerging myself into native plant identification, preparing food from my own back yard. After many success stories from my creations I was encouraged to start selling my products. I started an Instagram, Facebook and eventually an online shop + attended local summer farmers markets where I sold tea, herbs, and educated people about natural living.

I have decided to begin offering essential oils as apart of my practice. Because of my knowledge of plants and plant properties I love that Essential Oils are easy, practical and concentrated and share many similar benefits to the plant. They have replaced so many things in my home- personal care, cleaning supplies, air quality and more! I have moved farther and farther away from conventional chemical products and I know that my family is so much more healthy! 

My ultimate goal is to create an ongoing educational platform on plants, remedies, and how you can change your life naturally and become closer to what the earth has to offer us!

Many Green Blessings,