Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the volatile oils that are obtained from flowers, leaves, roots, stems, bark, and seeds of a plant. They are extracted through steam distillation, and cold- pressing ( peels of citrus fruits). These oils are a concentration of the plants specific constituents.

What is a Therapeutic- grade essential oil?

There are many types of oils that you might come across in grocery stores, online and in health food stores. It is SO important to know the difference between aroma oils, carrier oils, flavoring oils and low-grade essential oils. A therapeutic -grade essential oil is the highest quality and most medicinal form of essential oil. It has been carefully distilled from a very specific part of the plant that contains the highest concentration of constituents. Many Essential oil companies claim to be “therapeutic” but I encourage everyone to research every brand of essential oil you may come across to really understand there standard of quality!

How do you use essential oils?

The art + science of using essential oils for healing purposes is called “aromatherapy”. Essential oils are traditionally used through diffusing, inhaling, internally, and externally. they are the most powerful by inhaling.

Herbalism vs. Aromatherapy

Herbalism is the practice of using herbs (fresh or dried) to prepare in different preparations like tinctures, teas, elixirs, salves etc. Herbalists usually use the whole plant or specific parts of the plant. Herbs that are dried or fresh can have different properties than their essential oils. For example the tea of lavender has different properties and uses than the essential oil of lavender and shouldn’t be used in the same way. Aromatherapists are skilled in the therapeutic application of specifically the essential oil of the plant, whereas herbalists have a broad knowledge of plant identification and medicinal uses of the dried or fresh herb.

Essential Oil Safety

Even though essential oils are a natural source of healing, and are more gentle in nature than many prescription and over the counter medications, they are still concentrated and effective! This is good thing, because they work! But it also means that we need to practice caution. The safest and most effective way to use essential oils is to inhale them. If you are using them topically, always test for irritation and almost always dilute in a carrier oil. If you are using them internally, make sure you read the directions. Always stop using if you experience any irritation whatsoever! The biggest tip I can share about the safety of essential oils is- use therapeutic- grade essential oils, ask someone who is educated and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Why Young Living?

Being trained as a western folk herbalist, I have always used the plant or herb more than I have used essential oils. When I started making products I loved adding in essential oils for aroma and additional healing properties. I began working with them more and more & I love diffusing them! Quality is SO SO important to me and I always upheld that when I made anything that would go IN, ON or around your body. I had to begin researching to find the BEST essential oil company. Young living has met my standards & BEYOND as a business. They are HUGE when it comes sustainability while farming herbs, they are extremely careful in how they distill each oil, they are honest with how to use each oil and they have TONS of education on safety. I feel comfortable with using them for my own creations, and I LOVE their other products. In my educated opinion, they are the BEST hands down!